meet the gang

Joshua Rumer

Founder / CEO / Producer

This is Captain Invengo.

Atom Smith / Hydraulic Klownhead


Probably the best Mastering engineer on the planet, Atom can be discovered in such a vast array of projects. Phish, Les Claypool, Particle, Baba Maal, Richie Havens, Donna DeLory (Madonna), The Gentleman Callers, The Mutaytor, TrapezeLA, John Avila, Johnny Vatos, Steve Bartek, Oingo Boingo, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzman and tons more.

Tiffany Bunn


Tiffany is a mega music enthusiast from Florida who jams to everything from alternative to nerdcore to 70s Iranian pop. She is going to school for journalism and music industry and is passionate about both fields. In addition to finding new tunes to listen to, her hobbies include running a music blog, reading, and exploring the world.

Meet some of our session artists

These are the folks that make us supernatural.

Toshi Yanagi


An MI Graduate, Toshi has been an integral part of the Invengo sound for over a decade. He is currently the house guitarist on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and has worked with too many artists and films to list. From Sheryl Crow, Men at Work and Taylor Dayne to Eikichi Yazawa, VIBE and several films, he has been all over the map.

Dany Levin


Danny hails from Los Angeles and has been a staple of the gang for over 13 years. Not only does he rock in his own band The Ventriloquists but also is a performer with Rilo Kiley, Lenka, Gary Clark Jr, Regina Spektor, Glen Campbell, Iggy Pop, Marilyn Erman, Emily Conway, Ellie Boyd and so many others.

Gregg Cash


Mister Cash happens to be one of the most unreal and versatile bassists on the planet. Philly born and raised he was one of our first session and stage artists over a decade ago performing with The Dorothy Band, Palmerston, Thread, Red River Conspiracy, Redlight Kings, Annie Automatic, The Heirs and most every artist on this site.

Brian Mendes


Brian has been a staple of our sound for over a decade. Malford Milligan, Bruce Hughes, Jess Klein, Jeff Plankenhorn, Shawn Pander, Sauce, Lisa Tingle, Curtis Grimes, Bruce Robison, John Gaar, The Resentments, Honeybrowne, Denny Herrin, Mono in Stereo, Hip Hop Humpday, MC Overlord, the dude has been around.

Chris Trafton


Bruce James Soultet, Carolyn Wonderland, Guy Forsyth, Levon Helm Band, Donald Fagan, Barfield, Charlie Robinson, Tyrant of Texas Funk, Soul Supporters, John Evans, The Derailers, Murali Coryell, Kalu James, Josh Halverson, Akina Adderly, Wendy Colonna, Christina LaRocca, Shelly King, Brownout, Buggaboo, too many to list

Dan Cohen


Dan is a stunning Austin based saxophonist that is constantly out and about as well as in our studios making things rather sexy. He has performed with Maggie Rains, Paco Estrada, South FM, Georgia Blue, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, The Austin, The Voice, Sons of Santos, Waking Fable, Datura, Miggy Milla and so many more.

Janie Cowan

Upright Bass

When it comes to jazz, traditional or good old rock and roll, Janie has a way of stepping in and lending a sweet touch. Alaskan born and raised she has traveled the globe working with The Oberlin Conservatory, Eddie Gomez, Jamey Haddad, Billy Hart, The Azmaris, Bob Hoffnar, Wilson Marks, Ray Arteaga, Chocktaw Wildfire...

Pete Weiss


Pete is our squeezebox guru. He generally shows up with a stack of toys and he knows how to use them. He has squeezed with UC Berkeley, Okie Weiss, Leo Rondeau, Gumbo Ce Soir, The Gritones, Emilie Clepper, The A-OKs, Joshua Pande, Murder Ballads, Joey Robert, Emily Conway, Larry Jones and many others.

Michelle Alany


Michelle has her roots with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Nefesh Joykestra, Bruce Salmon, The Inheritance and Sephardic Croosroads to name a few. She is a violinist and fiddle player alike that always adds the perfect elements to a track no matter the genre. She is free floating and extremely instinctive, always perfect.



Not only is Xavier one of our artists but he has become the go to pianist for this company. Talent level extreme. There is no genre he cannot tackle both on piano and synth. You may have seen him with Jennifer Fuented, Omarr Awake, Scarlett Olson, Phillip Thomas, Miss Vonny, Sauce, Maggie Rains, Emily Conway and more.

Ry Dill


Taste, skill, perfection are all words to describe Ry. Hailing from Minneapolis he can sit in the most creative track and take it mountains further than most. His clever bass work can be heard in projects like Sarah White, Honeydogs, Minnesota Public Radio, Potash Twins, Lucia Sarmiento Quintet, St. Paul Jazz Fest and more.

Tony Redman


Tony is the definition of all things southern and spectacular. A cigar box guitar maker, his style is as grimy and as sweet as one can get. Think swamp meets orchestra and everything in between. The list of artists he has performed with could not fit on this page. When you need what he's got there is no one better to call.